Saturday, December 6, 2008

You Thai Now

Thai food is delicious and intriguing, full of unique flavors, textures, and ingredients. There is a phenomenal Thai restaurant around the corner from my apartment that makes just about the best Tom Yum soup imaginable. The spicy and slightly sour soup with galangal and lemongrass running throughout is a perfect starter or dish on its own. I often order a large soup for take out and eat while reading or watching a movie on lazy nights home alone when I do not feel like cooking. I have a plethora of Asian ingredients in my pantry and have been experimenting with Thai cooking recently. Nigella Lawson has a great recipe for Thai peanut noodles with watercress, bell pepper, and snow peas which I have made a few times. Tom Yum is on my list though it seems like a lot of work and also requires a trip down to Chinatown for ingredients.

I was craving curry a couple of nights ago and decided to make a wok full of green curry with chicken. I cheated a bit by using a small jar of green curry paste from the gourmet grocer, an authentic blend of green chilies, ginger, garlic, and kaffir lime leaves. I sautéed the chicken in minced garlic, ginger, and onions in a piping hot and well seasoned wok then set it aside before frying up broccoli, bell pepper, string beans, and scallions. Before returning all ingredients to the wok, I sautéed the green curry paste thickened sauce to toss with the chicken and vegetables. I would say the dish rivaled my favorite Thai place around the corner though they still have the Tom Yum on me. As always, I encourage you to enjoy and share delicious food and home cooked meals with yourself and others!

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