Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Smoky Breakfast

Eggs and chorizo have a natural affection for one another and their flavors marry beautifully. This may sound overly poetic but its true; chorizo and dairy products are born to share a pan. Spain and most Latin American countries influenced by Spanish rule make frittatas, tostas, and other egg dishes with chorizo. The smoky and spicy albeit greasy dark red sausage adds rich flavor to any dish and is a unique addition to a charcuterie platter. I had brunch a few weeks ago at a hip little restaurant in the Lower East Side that boasts a fantastic scramble made with chorizo, scallions, and smoked Gouda. I am a big brunch fan and this smoky eggy delight was not to be believed. I was smitten with the dish and had to try to cook it at home otherwise I would run the risk of going back 2 or 3 times a week, not the smartest move given the current economic woes. I routinely draw inspiration from my experiences traveling and eating out though I rarely copy dishes verbatim but this dish was perfect and warranted appropriation.

Start by briefly sautéing thin slices of chorizo in a nonstick pan to render some of the fat. After the chorizo has crisped and curled a bit add sliced scallions. Whisk two eggs per person into a bowl with about a half a cup or so of grated smoked Gouda. I happened to use my mother’s farm fresh eggs from upstate, which brings even more flavor to the party. Add the egg mixture to the pan and scramble, careful not to burn or overcook the eggs. Serve with toast or biscuits and enjoy. This is a great breakfast or brunch item full of flavor and substance that is sure to please. As always, I encourage you to enjoy and share delicious food and home cooked meals with yourself and others!

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